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You love your girlfriend or boyfriend but you want to get them good. You want to play a prank on them, but do not want to risk your significant other dumping you. There are plenty of prank ideas that you can use to really get your girlfriend or boyfriend. Just watch your back because they will likely come up with a good prank or two to pay you right back.

Innocent Pranks

If you just want to get them to laugh, you should think of some innocent prank ideas. This includes making them think you're mad at them for something they supposedly have done, making them think they smell bad when they really don't, and pretending you can't hear or understand them when they're speaking to you. These are very innocent prank that should provide laughs.

The Really Good Pranks

If you really want to get your girlfriend or boyfriend good, and still keep them as your significant other, there are some pranks that will get them just as you want and they are hilarious. They may not be hilarious to your mate at first, but you and everyone else will surely laugh. Your significant other should come around eventually, especially if your bond is solid. Want to get them really good? Some ideas including putting a stink bomb in their car, taking spark plugs out of the engine so their car doesn't start, putting saran wrap around the toilet, and putting hair dye in their shampoo.

Remember that your significant other will retaliate, so make sure you can live with whatever prank idea you inflict. The prank pulled on you could be far worse.